“RESULTS” at Any Cost


Generally, mistakes are caused thru negligence or a lack of insight, and by human nature difficult to acknowledge. Most people can aptly admit simple mistakes while attempting to correct the status quo. However, when the required results were generated through intentional deceit or subterfuge the dynamics change.

Our criminal justice system does not tolerate unsolved crimes or cold cases, hence delivering results at any cost becomes essential for case investigators. However, a lack of integrity while probing, solving, and prosecuting a crime is in itself a crime.

The path to personal success is typically measured in results. Advancement at the expense of others might be deemed a competitive spirit in the business community, but within our justice system, it confirms corruption. Our criminal justice

system has been turned into a business, with innocent people and families as the bottom line. And there is little to fear of being held accountable for any corrupt behavior.

Unethical conduct persists due to qualified immunity, a judicial doctrine enacted by the Supreme Court in the 1960s that protects public officials from liability, even when they break the law. The doctrine has no valid legal basis, it regularly denies justice to victims whose rights have been violated, and it severely undermines official accountability, especially for members of law enforcement.

A wrongful conviction is profoundly embarrassing for any States Attorney’s office. Aside from the cost of prosecution, reparations typically result in multimillion-dollar settlements at taxpayer expense. Publicly admitting that a mistake was made takes an act of God, especially if case tampering or judicial misconduct was involved.

Police, prosecutorial or judicial misconduct is a paradox, as those involved depend on patronage or the sanction of their peers. In other words, turning a blind eye to the fact that case evidence was manipulated to obtain a conviction.


“Sadly, our criminal justice system likes finality more than it does justice.”

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