The role of any law enforcement official is based on Integrity, a mandatory virtue when you accept responsibility for another person’s life and welfare.

A criminal investigation process begins with the police and detectives gathering case evidence. After reviewing this discovery material, the prosecutor is required to pass it on to the defense counsel in order to prepare their case. Subsequently, a judge and jury would be presented with this discovery evidence to draw their conclusions and render a verdict. Ostensibly, everyone involved in the case has worked ethically and in accordance with the law of the land.

As in any profession, the temptation of self-serving interests is evident and law enforcement compromised at any level is clearly a disgrace. Unfortunately, our criminal justice system has been turned into a business, where people and families are the bottom line.

Policeman, prosecutor or judge is a profession like any other. Taxpayers, voters, and politicians expect you to perform in a capacity as such and unsolved or cold cases are unacceptable. Consequently, criminal justice team members might feel obliged to turn a blind eye in order to portray justice.

If you lack capability due to an absence of training or harbor self-serving motives, manipulating the facts all too frequently becomes a solution for solving and closing a case. When the real perpetrator of a crime is elusive, finding a target individual and making the evidence fit frequently becomes a solution.

Case evidence might be comprised of witnesses, DNA, fingerprints, ballistics, etc. and is initially under the control of police and detectives. All pieces of the puzzle that must fit together when presented to the judge and jury. Manipulated or withheld case discovery evidence is formally referred to as a Brady violation. The defense is therefore prevented from retaining any experts to conduct a scientific investigation. Typically, these indiscretions do not come to light until years later, after a misjudgment or wrongful conviction has taken place.

This form of corruption within our criminal justice system is made possible, because officials that operate above the law are granted immunity, and cannot be held accountable for what they classically refer to as collateral damage.