Prisons are a complex conglomeration ran by officials who interpret the directives and protocols to their advantage at any given time. When your loved one or friend is encountering the failure of prison staff to protect them, provide food, clothing and medical treatment as well as their mental well-being you need the assistance of a team who can understand the written directives and make the calls to remedy the situation and/or draft the necessary letters.


Our team of attorneys, paralegals and staff will intervene on behalf of your loved ones who are incarcerated by calling prison officials, writing letters and creating documentation of the failure of correctional staff to protect and provide for those in their facility. We will contact the media on your behalf and bring the matter to light to gain public support for you,

Attorney Jed Stone

Stone & Associates

Attorney Daniel Conidi

Alliant Law Group

Our Inmate Interventions services are an hourly rate starting at $25.00 per hour for paralegals and administrative staff and $75.00 per hour for attorney calls.

  • We will discuss the matter with you and review the applicable protocols and call prison officials on behalf of your loved one.

  • We will follow up to ensure the matter has been dealt with promptly and correctly.

  • We will even report on matters on social media and TV to bring attention to the situation and put public pressure on officials if you desire.


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