Social distancing is just not possible within a prison society. Without urgent intervention, the intensity of the COVID 19 pandemic will turn our prisons into death camps.

The immediate solution is compassion. Commuting sentences as time served for all inmates over 50 years old that have shown to be medically, or immunologically compromised. According to the CDC, the COVID 19 virus will particularly target adult inmates who are afflicted with either Asthma, Diabetes, or Coronary disease.

Also, to be considered are the wrongfully convicted people being exposed to a deadly disease, awaiting Courts to reopen and hear their case of actual innocence. Inmates factually innocent, suffering fear and humiliation alongside their broken families.

This accomplished, the remaining prison population could be properly fed and medically treated.

Injustice is a disease reaching epidemic proportions and afflicts our criminal justice system nationwide. Its source, public servants who disregard honesty while advancing personal agendas. Highly contagious and left untreated, the infection will deteriorate the integrity of our judicial process and the criminal justice system.

God upon occasion, has placed another in the position of determining who shall live and who shall die. A crisis is at hand, kicking the can down the road will create a legend of a tragedy that we can never recover from.

Politics aside, our legislature must now assume this role.