Prosecutors are like a salesman, peddling cases to the media, public, a judge, or jury. To obtain a conviction and close the sale, some touch-up or bodywork may be required in order to hide any blemishes or damage. Appallingly, this blatant lack of prosecutorial integrity is at the root of almost 250,000 people who remain wrongfully convicted and incarcerated based on Department of Justice statistics.

This corruption of justice was recently exposed in the 2007 Lake County, Illinois murder case of Roni Reuter and her unborn child. On March 23, 2009, Prosecutor Patricia Fix in collaboration with police detective Juan Mazariegos, lied to a Grand Jury in order to provide a celebrity suspect with an alibi by manipulating video surveillance timelines.   

A sales presentation typically begins by providing news media misinformation to besmirch an accused’s character. On a grand scale, this rolls out into social media while influencing public opinion. Regrettably, the integrity of our legal system and media is never in question while exposing blatantly unsupported facts and evidence.

Garnering case support from a victims’ family is also essential. Influential people who can be showcased by the prosecution are emotionally involved and easily manipulated. People who clearly will gain closure the soonest by getting the situation behind them.

For the family of a victim, closure comes when a crime is solved, and the perpetrator brought to justice. If closure comes from a wrongful conviction, the victim did not receive justice and the criminal is walking free to commit additional crimes.

Prosecuting, “visa vie” selling cases, must be based on solid police investigation work and evidence that was acquired thru forensic science and supported by experts. Manipulating a victim’s family by selling them a bill of goods is not closure, it is an atrocity.

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