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“RESULTS” at Any Cost

  Generally, mistakes are caused thru negligence or a lack of insight, and by human nature difficult to acknowledge. Most people can aptly admit simple mistakes while attempting to correct the status quo. However, when the required results were generated through intentional deceit or subterfuge the dynamics change. Our criminal justice system does not tolerate […]


“Emotional roller coaster,” best describes the feelings and conversation to be had with a family member or close contact who has been incarcerated for a crime. Preserving your relationship is a challenge and perplexing at best. Whether rightfully or wrongfully convicted, individuals are forced to re-establish themselves within a society that is distressingly different from […]


 The Hippocratic oath, “First, Do No Harm,” is a prerequisite vow taken by all physicians. A pledge of integrity for patients, who are placing their lives and welfare into a doctor’s hands. An age-old and creditable responsibility. This sworn promise is subsequently enforced thru strict malpractice regulation. This same principle, “First, Do No Harm” is […]


  The role of any law enforcement official is based on Integrity, a mandatory virtue when you accept responsibility for another person’s life and welfare. A criminal investigation process begins with the police and detectives gathering case evidence. After reviewing this discovery material, the prosecutor is required to pass it on to the defense counsel […]


“I am innocent God; don’t let them destroy  the life that you have given me.” Bureau of Justice Statistics from the United States Department of Justice conceded that 8% to 12% of state prisoners are actually or factually innocent. If the error ratio of rightful convictions resides around ten percent nationally, 200,000 innocent people are […]

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