“I am innocent God; don’t let them destroy 

the life that you have given me.”

Bureau of Justice Statistics from the United States Department of Justice conceded that 8% to 12% of state prisoners are actually or factually innocent. If the error ratio of rightful convictions resides around ten percent nationally, 200,000 innocent people are currently imprisoned for crimes they did not commit and deserve judicial recourse.

Based on a study of 100 death sentences overturned by post-conviction evidence, out of the first 70 cases that were reversed:

  • Over 30 of these involved prosecutorial misconduct.
  • Over 30 of these involved police misconduct which led to wrongful convictions.
  • Approximately 15 of these involved false witness testimony.
  • 34% of the police misconduct cases involved suppression of exculpatory evidence,11% involved evidence fabrication.
  • 37% of the prosecutorial misconduct cases involved suppression of exculpatory evidence.  25% involved knowing use of false testimony.

Based on these statistics, the number of people who need our help remains a challenge. The WMP Justice Review Board cannot logically help everyone, but one case at a time, we are making a difference.