WMP Justice Review is a team of highly trained experienced professionals, who review criminal convictions, cold cases, extreme cases of injustice and corruption. We bring our findings to light in the form of a published book or documentary along with publicity and media coverage. In some instances, our legal team will litigate the case to obtain justice. We accept and investigate cases that demonstrate a miscarriage of justice has occurred.


Seasoned Attorneys, Detectives, former FBI Special Agents, Police Officers, Homeland Security Agents, and Crime Scene Specialists, who are certified authorities in their field. Our investigative team develops scientific proof utilizing DNA, fingerprint, ballistics, trajectory, polygraph, and deception analysis. Subsequently, our editorial staff documents and exposes the findings through the media, and WMP attorneys prepare litigation in conjunction with our forensic specialists.


Phase One After receiving your case materials, our team will conduct an in-depth analysis relative to case validity, forensic intervention, and the best legal approach. Based on our conclusions, we would either accept your case or return all of the relevant case materials.

Phase Two We will provide you with a detailed WMP Justice Review project analysis along with a contract and our plan of action.

Phase Three The case elements are assigned to the appropriate forensic experts for analysis, investigation, documentation and their science-based affidavits amd reports.

Phase Four  Collating and advancing our discovery and case evidence to our legal team, to initiate motions and pleadings on behalf of our clients. Publishing and releasing a book or documentary to bring to light our findings.

Phase Five is litigating the case in court on behalf of clients.

To receive a consultation of your case for possible representation by WMP Justice Review please